The multipurpose
'Stikkler' ticket holder

Parking receipt keeps falling off the dashboard? P-plates never stay where they should? Mislaid the delivery address… again?

Don't risk fines and frustration;
stick it to 'em with the Stikkler!

This handy multipurpose ticket holder is made from clear, durable plastic so it won't restrict visibility. It's flexible – but firm enough to grip anything from a single slip of paper to a P-plate or a Disabled Person's Parking Authority.

The high-tech adhesive is specially formulated for glass: it will stick at any temperature, is not affected by sunlight, and cannot damage your window. There are no smears or dirty marks, no fiddly suction caps. The Stikkler is so simple, anyone can attach it.

And there's no way this little sucker will come off until you want it off!

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